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The origin of the word HOLO comes from the greek HOLOS meaning “whole, entire, comprehensive”. Therefore the essence that “holo experience” wants to convey is that during the tretments all aspects of the person treated are taken into consideration.

Wellness Classes


Yoga and Tibetan Harmonic Bowls (90 mins)
Tibetan Bowls sounds and vitbrations combined with a yoga practice, achieving peaceful body and mind.

Do-In (1h)
An ancient and simple, chinese self-massage technique, to stimulate the flow of energy. It can also be done in couples.

Smovey walk/exercises (1h)
Smovey is a dynamic fitness way of training in which special vibration rings are held in both hands while walking or excercising. The vibrations produced stimulate muscles, tissues, organs and the nervous system, adding considerable value to the fitness practice. Smovey will be provided.

Tibetan Bowls – Individual – couple or group sessions
A new powerful treatment, based on sounds and vibrations, that leads into a profound relaxation. In that state body, mind and soul are harmonized. No oil used. Confortable clothes necessary.

Signature Treatments

Taylor made massage (1h)
A customized massage treatment to suit your personal needs.

Back in flow massage (1h)
A massage focused on back, shoulders and neck, combined with a customized foot reflexology session. The synergy of these two methods make “Back in flow” a very effective treatment for those who suffer from tension in these areas

Shiatsu (1 h)
A special form of massage through effective pressure techniques, manual stimulation and stretching. Thumbs, palms or elbows are used to exercise gentle or strong pressure on the acupuncture meridians. No oil used, comfortable clothes necessary.

Peaceful vibration massage with tibetan singing bowls (45 min)
This special experience combines a relaxing head and feet massage with the healing sounds and vibrations of the Tibetan singing bowls. While one therapist performs the massage the other places the bowls on the body and plays them throughout the whole treatment.

Kobido (75 min)
This japanese facial massage is an effective technique to regenerate and to lift the face in a natural way. With its sweep-knock-pick techniques Kobido differs from other massage treatments. Furthermore Kobido includes meridian acupressures on head and face. With this treatment you can easily subside into a state of inner peace.

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